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SWGMDI Advisory Members are appointed by the respective Committee Chair (Presiding Officer) to assist with Committee activites and projects. Advisory Members are not SWGMDI Board members and they do not have voting privileges.

Advisory Members include:

Accreditation and Certification Committee
Former advisors:
Dan Blasdel
Brian Elias
Mary Fran Ernst
Jay Siegel
Timothy Palmbach

Autopsy Criteria Committee
Emma Lew
Former Advisor:
Stephanie Fiore

Death Scene Investigation Committee

Andrew Kehm (rep of IAC&ME)
David Mills (rep of IAC&ME)
Brian Elias (rep of ABMDI)
Rachel Byrd (rep of ABMDI)
Todd Grey (rep of NAME)
Jan Gorniak (rep of NAME)
Mark Goldman (rep of SOMDI)
Scott Grim

Former Advisors:
Tanisha Henson (rep of SOMDI)

Sam Land, MD, Forensic Pathologist, Lehigh County PA

Evidence Committee
Fran Wheatley
Charles Hunter
Lauri McGivern
Michelle Sandberg

Decedent Identification Committee
Debi Spencer
Matthew Lunn
Ronald Brunelli
Terry Ledbetter
Shawn Wilson
Wendy Honeyfield
Charles Gaylor
Dan Jackson

Legal Committee
Victor Weedn
Marcella Fierro
Kurt Nolte
Roger Metcalf

Next of Kin Communications Committee
Debi Hall
Suzanne Faha
Lissa Marrain
Rebecca Rudd

Former Advisors:
Elias Kontanis
Joe DesPlaines
Joanne Kuntz
Kathleen Fellman
Kathy Turman

Organ and Tissue Procurement Committee
Daniel Schultz
Elling Eidbo

Research Committee
Stacey Drake
Evan Matsches

System Infrastructure
Joseph Prhalow
J. Scott Denton
Reade Quinton

Vulnerable Populations Committee
Patricia King



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