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SWGMDI Publications: Standards, Guidelines, Best Practices and Reports

The following have undergone successful publication set out by our bylaws.

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The attached Process Map was prepared by the SWGMDI for the following reasons: 
1) To give the public and other interested parties a better understanding of the basic steps involved in a medicolegal death investigation; and 2) To provide a visual understanding of critical steps in medicolegal death investigation around which SWGMDI projects, reports, and recommendations may be developed.


SWGMDI Committee Name

Publicly Reviewed SWGMDI Publications

Other Publications, Reports and Endorsements


The following included a public review and comment period and 2/3 majority vote of SWGMDI board to publish.
To view the public comment reports of the following documents, please go here.
* Endorsments of External documents
** SWGMDI Reports of objective information. No public review and comment period

Accreditation, Certification, Education and Training

Certification of Medicolegal Death Investigation Personnel- A Report and Recommendations (June 2014)

Report of the Comparison of the NAME and the IAC&ME Accreditation Standards (Nov 2012

Report of the Minimal Educational Requirements for Medicolegal Death Investigation System Personnel (Nov 2012)


Death Scene Investigation


SWGMDI endorses the National Institute of Justice publications entitled:  “Death Investigation: A Guide for the Scene Investigator” (1999), and “Death Investigation: A Guide for the Scene Investigator: Technical Update” (2011) as standards. (Published March 20, 2013)*

SWGMDI endorses the CDC Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Training Material as standards. (Published June 26,2013)*




SWGMDI Legal Committee Report: Jurisdictional Conflict Survey (Published June 2012)


Next Of Kin Services and Communication

Guidelines for Media Relations: Dissemination of Public Information in Medicolegal Death Investigations (Published March 8, 2012)

Guidelines for Communication with Next of Kin during Medicolegal Death Investigations (Published June 13, 2012)

Principles for Critical Stress Management in MDI Settings: Critical Event Debriefing and Recommendations for Development (Published June 13,2012)



Systems Infrastructure

Increasing the Supply of Forensic Pathologists in the United States: A Report and Recommendations (Published December 5, 2012)

Status of and Perceived Need for Regional Medicolegal Death Investigation Centers: A Report and Recommendations (Published July 19, 2013)

Relationships between Pathology Departments and Medical Examiner/Coroner Offices: A Report of Survey Results with Recommendations (Published July 19, 2013)

Regional Medicolegal Autopsy and Death Investigation Centers -Construction, Staffing, and Costs- A Report and Recommendations (Published September 17, 2013)

Workplace Locations of Board Certified Forensic Pathologists in the United States who Perform Medicolegal Autopsies for Medical Examiner/Coroner Systems: 2012 (Published December 12, 2013)


SWGMDI Infrastructure Committee Report: Death Investigation Systems and NAME, IACME, and ABDMI Member Representation in the States (Oublished March 2011)

SWGMDI Infrastructure Committee Report: Medicolegal Autopsy Facilities in the U.S. 2005 (Published March 2011)

SWGMDI Infrastructure Committee Report: Medicolegal Autopsy Facilities in the U.S. 2011 (Published March 2011)

SWGMDI Infrastructure Committee report: State Medical Examiner Survey (Published Jan 2012)



SWGMDI's Possible Study Models to Assess the Utility of Autopsy in Contentious Medicolegal Categories of Death (Published July 2, 2013)

SWGMDI's Report and Recommendations for Research in Forensic Pathology/Medicolegal Death Investigation (June 2014)



Organ and Tissue Procurement

SWGMDI’s Standards for Interactions Between Medical Examiner/Coroner Offices and Organ and Tissue Procurement Organizations and Eye Banks (Published June 20,2013)

















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