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SWGMDI System Infrastructure Committee

Committee Members
Randy Hanzlick, Chair
Lindsey Thomas
John Fudenberg
Mary Ann Sens
R. Gibson Parrish
Tim Davidson
Margaret Warner

Advisory Members (Non-Voting, see Advisory Members Tab for Affiliations)
Joseph Prahlow
J. Scott Denton
Reade Quinton

Committee Projects Completed To-Date
These are SWGMDI Infrastructure Committee products which did not require Public Review and Comment.
- See the  "Published Work Products"  tab for additional documents produced by the Infrastructure Committee.

1. Death Investigation Systems and NAME, IACME, and ABDMI Member Representation in the States

2. Medicolegal Autopsy Facilities in the U.S.> 2005

3. Medicolegal Autopsy Facilities in the U.S.> 2011

4. State ME Status and Needs Survey Results > 2012


Projects (Each is in progress unless otherwise noted)

1. Submit proposal to NIJ to hold a a Coroner summit to discuss coroner system issues (draft completed, will submit by year's end).
2. Create SWGMDI’s response to the NAS report recommendation regarding coroners and medical examiners (draft in progress)
3. Prepare a summary report about quality of relationships between Coroner/ME offices and pathology department(s) (draft in progress). 
4. Create SWGMDI’s recommendations for increasing the availability of forensic pathologists (Public comment has ended, update in progress).
5. Create SWGMDI’s recommendations for developing regional death investigation centers in underserved areas (draft completed).
6. Create SWGMDI’s per capita formula for assessing manpower, facility, service, and funding needs for medicolegal systems (draft in progress).



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