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SWGMDI Death Scene Investigations Procedure and Criteria Committee

Committee Chair:

Steve Clark

Committee Members:
Amy Wyman
Barbara Butcher
Marie Herrmann
Frederick Upchurch

Current Advisory Members (Non-Voting)(See Advisory Members Tab for Affiliations):
Andrew Kehm (rep of IAC&ME)
David Mills (rep of IAC&ME)
Brian Elias (rep of ABMDI)
Rachel Byrd (rep of ABMDI)
Todd Grey (rep of NAME)
Jan Gorniak (rep of NAME)
Tanisha Henson (rep of SOMDI)
Scott Grim

Published Documents can be found HERE

Current Projects

1. Create draft guidelines for cases which require scene investigation when the body is at the incident scene and when the body is not at the incident scene

2. Create draft guidelines for death investigation and scene report content.







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